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July 15, 2018


We would like to introduce our new authentic Sourdough Bagels.

They are made from our Sourdough starter which we nurture in the Bakery. It is a mix of flour and water which then uses natural yeast from environment to aid fermentation.

Making a Sourdough Bagel is a three day process as it has these long fermentation stages which develops flavour and means we do not use any added chemicals or enhances.This is where we are unique from most other Bagel producers. Our Bagels are made from flour, salt, water, natural honey and our much loved Sourdough.

We are making a fantastic range of Bagels from Poppy seed to cheese topped as well as plain and you can buy these ready filled with bacon for breakfast or the all time favourite of smoked salmon and cream cheese for lunch.

Our Bagels are all handcrafted just like the traditional Polish Bagels. bagels really made it into the lime light when the Eastern European Immigrants brought them to New York where they quickly became the all American favourite.

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