The Story of a Famer and a Baker

The Story of a Famer and a Baker

Two friends who work less than 2 miles apart had an idea……….

“You grow wheat in your fields, don’t you?” said the Baker.

“Off course” said the farmer.

“Let’s go back to Basic’s” said the Baker, “let’s use your wheat to make the flour to make my bread, just like in the old days!”

The deal was done.

The Swanton’s are third generation Farmers at South Newton Farm and have been growing crops for years but have never had their wheat milled for exclusive use. It has previously gone into a big mix with wheat from other farms.

The wheat used was a Group 1 Milling wheat called Crusoe, Which has become a bit of a champion in it’s field (excuse the pun!) As stated by ‘Farmers Weekly’, Crusoe is likely to become the future foundation of the British Loaf.

The Wheat was harvested in August last year with fantastic yields. We are using wheat that was harvested in the first half of the month, as in true Blighty style the rain came in the second half of the month and caused the quality to drop and so that wheat can only be sold as animal feed.

The next step was to send the Wheat from Henry’s farm to our friends atShipton Mill, which is a local mill that specializes in milling specialty flours using both traditional grains and traditional methods. At Shipton’s they have been milling on their sight since 1339.

We finally get to Reeve the Bakers part in the story! The flour arrives and our Bakers excitedly mix, knead and get crafting. The flour is Wholemeal, so all the grain remains in the flour. We then add water, yeast, salt, margarine and some of our award winning sourdough. It then needs fermenting or resting for an hour before it is scaled, rested, knocked back and proved again! All this before baking!! This is when the magic happens; we can smell the wonderful aroma first and then get to see the fantastic golden brown stripes bursting out of its floury top. Our local, low food mile bread is ready!! We hope to have it in our shops soon so that you can enjoy this truly locally grown, milled, baked and brought bread!!!!