The Slow Dough of the Sourdough

The Slow Dough of the Sourdough

We know that making bread with a full flavour and crisp crust takes time and cannot be achieved by adding magic powders, mould inhibitors or flavour enhancers.  Some larger bakery chains and supermarkets use frozen par-baked breads, which are baked-off in store and labelled as ‘fresh from the oven’. We would never do this.  Our bread is made with a slow-dough recipe and baked very early in the morning in our bakery in Wilton so it’s ready to be delivered fresh to our 12 stores first thing every day.

Some breads take even longer to make.  My personal favourite is sourdough bread, and ours is made using a long fermented sourdough, which can take up to three days to make.  This creates good, old fashioned bread made with just flour, water and salt.  But it’s packed with delicious flavour and has a thick crust and a chewy open texture.

We are extremely passionate about sourdough and have worked hard to perfect our recipe over the years and now have a range of products that includes sourdough bagels, sourdough sticks and our award winning multi-seed sourdough loaves.

It isn’t just the flavour and texture that are improved by more traditional baking methods, there may also health benefits.  Experts have identified that the marked increase in cases of wheat intolerance has taken place over the last 50 years, since the widespread manufacturing of bread in factories was introduced.  It is thought this could be related to the additional amounts of yeast, enzymes and oxidants required to quickly mass produce bread, rather than allowing it to ferment and ripen slowly in the traditional way.

So go on give our 'slow dough' a go and help us celebrate simple ingredients and traditional methods!!