How to make the perfect picnic sandwich

How to make the perfect picnic sandwich

We're willing to bet that with the heatwave this week many of you will be packing up your cool boxes, grabbing your rug and heading out for a picnic this weekend.  So we thought you'd like our top five tips for making the perfect sandwich.

1. Choose your bread wisely

Which type of bread you choose is obviously a question of personal preference but here are our thoughts on the best options…

·         Sandwich loaf – the tool for the job.  Its texture and shape are made with sandwiches in mind. Ours is made with our traditional overnight fermentation process so you get a great flavour – and we'll slice it for you to make life easier

·         Sourdough – strong and robust bread to keep your sandwich together. However the large holes created in the fermentation process can cause filling leakage so a sourdough roll may be the best choice

·         Soft bridge rolls – these are great for kids as they are small and easy to hold and the hinge along one length helps keep the filling in place

2. To butter or not to butter

Many people don't butter the bread for a sandwich for either health or preference reasons, but we think it's an essential ingredient to add flavour.

3. Tomatoes… without the soggy bread

For those that want tomatoes in their sandwich but don't want a soggy mess when it comes to lunch time:

·         Hold the tomato on its side (so the green stalk is to the left or right) and cut into round slices – the structure of the tomato will hold it together better

·         Layer the sandwich so the tomato is in the middle

·         Use mayonnaise as a barrier to prevent the juice leaking into the bread

4. Best sandwich fillings

Our experience over many years of selling sandwiches is that you can't beat the classics – we've tried adding imaginative and fancy ingredients to our sandwich range but the best sellers are always the traditional favourites.  So if you're catering for a mix of people, our advice is to stick to fillings like tuna mayo, coronation chicken, cheese and tomato and egg mayo.

Here are some other general thoughts on sandwich fillings:

·         We believe that like a great gourmet burger, the messier you are when you've finished eating a sandwich the tastier it was.  So our preference is for a well packed sandwiched that takes big hands to hold and a wet-wipe nearby!

·         Layer the sandwich with flavours in mind. For example, if you're making a ham and cheese sandwich we recommend the following order: mayonnaise, salad, ham, mustard and then cheese – when you bite into it the salad complements the ham and the mustard brings the ham and cheese together

5. Storing your sandwich on the move

Simple – cling film to keep it fresh and a hard tupperware or tin box to stop it getting squashed en route.

Unless you're going to be making the sandwich more than four hours in advance of eating it, you don't need ice-packs but if it's hot and sunny it's a good idea to keep them in an insulated bag.


And finally our checklist of other things to remember to take:

·         A corkscrew – and a bottle of Sancerre (ice-pack essential!)

·         Wet wipes for sticky fingers

·         A carrier bag for the dirty dishes and containers

·         Bin bags for your rubbish

·         Suncream and a hat if you're going to be in the sun for a long time

·         Cheese straws – and we know where you can get the best ones…


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