Christmas cake decorating

Christmas cake decorating

Meet Jackie – our skilful cake decorating lady.

November is traditionally the month to make your Christmas cake so we thought you’d like to meet the lady who will be decorating all our cakes in the run up to the big day.

Jackie came back at Reeve the Baker in 2014 having trained with us 30 years ago.  She’s now the amazing lady who decorates all our celebration cakes – on average she decorates 18 cakes for each weekend, but over the next few months she’s likely to be even busier with Christmas cakes!

We caught up with her while she decorated a display cake for one of our shop window displays…



When did you learn to decorate cakes?

When I was 17 I worked at Reeve the Baker for a few years and also did a course at Salisbury College, between the two I learnt everything I needed for a career in food.  But I particularly love cake decorating so I was delighted to come back to Reeves last year and focus on that.



Do you decorate cakes for your family and friends as well as at work?

Yes, I’ve done cakes for three family weddings this year, one was my son’s.  I find it more challenging to do them at home as I don’t have the same kit… but I enjoy the challenge if I’ve got time.




What’s the hardest thing to do?

Writing on top of the cake is my most stressful moment that I look forward to least.



What’s your favourite design?

I love the scrolling on the edge of the cake.  It’s become second nature to me but it adds so much to the end result.



Do you have any tips for people decorating cakes at home?

  • To begin with you don’t need to invest in all the kit, use what you have – for example greaseproof paper rolled into a cone with the tip cut off makes a great icing bag. You can make the tip as fine as you need.
  • Practice what you’re going to write with the icing on a board before you attempt it on the cake.
  • For finer details use your other hand to steady your writing hand.
  • If you have a disaster and something goes wrong, scrape it off and start again. Don’t try and patch it up, it never looks as good.
  • It’s easiest to make figures from rolled out icing


If you’d like Jackie to decorate your Christmas cake, simply visit one of our shops or give us ring to discuss what you’d like.



It doesn’t have to be a fruit cake, let us know if you’d prefer chocolate, vanilla or carrot cake.  Jackie has decorated several samples to give you inspiration, have a look in our shop windows and let us know what you fancy.